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Why Buy Local

Why Buy Local?                          buy local

Thinking of buying an electric bike? Please consider this important note:

Buy your new ebike from US your LOCAL ebike shop we will provide you convenient servicing and warranty support. 

However, if you do still decide to buy from an online seller, please consider the following:

You will have to unbox and may have to re-assemble your new bike.

What happens if the bike goes wrong or develops a fault? (yes believe it or not things do sometimes go wrong!)

Your warranty is with the supplying stockist, not the manufacturer, not any other authorised dealer, most online sellers only offer a return to base warranty. In simple terms, this means you have to keep the huge box and store it somewhere safe.

Also bear in mind that it’s YOUR responsibility to get the bike back to them, at YOUR cost, which due to the size and weight, can easily be anywhere between £30 – £60

Therefore, the peace of mind knowing we your local stockist can fulfil everything, without the need for you to keep the original box or worry about shipping your bike across the country, should be well worth the amount you could save by buying online.

Also consider that we only sell reliable bikes from manufacturers who give us and you their wholehearted support when things go wrong.

Thank you for buying from us.