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Juicy Roller

Quick Description
Is it a hybrid or is it a step-through? Who cares - We think Roller belongs everywhere (and it's certainly unique). With a near silent, stealth-like high torque motor from Aikema which is smaller, lighter and more powerful than any other in our range Roller has the understated might to will you up the steepest hills with a certain arrogance and just a little smugness.
Manufacturer: Juicy Bikes

With Roller you are never left alone.  

Together, you'll maintain your calm in the most demanding of terrain.  Roller's electric torque sensing system will work with you, precisely multiplying your effort on the pedals, instantly from the get-go.

With levels of assistance to suit your energy Roller will become a true friend indeed.  Together your regular commute becomes a triumph and your leisurely weekend ride turns into an epic adventure.


Enjoy the view.  

A smooth drive system is complemented with light mono-shock suspension trimming off kilos and turning cobbles into tarmac.  In other words it's light, smooth and whisper quiet without the mechanical clutter other bikes need to smooth their rides.

Press down and Roller's already joining you on your next adventure...

Cycling Weekly said Roller is "A very powerful electric bike" and "Even uphill, the performance of Roller is stunning"

E-Bike Tips said Roller is a "Good-looking city machine with a near-silent motor" and "A quiet, good-looking city bike at a decent price"


250W High TQ hub from Aikema
380WH (33 miles) or 470WH (50 miles) with medium assist

Roller's frame is made from 6061-T6 Aluminium. It is 18” size with a suspension seat post as standard and suits inside leg measures from 26.5" (67 cm) to 36" (91.5 cm). Maximum rider weight is 100 Kgs plus 25 Kgs extra luggage.

Assisted speed is 15.5 Mph, software limited.
Shimano 8 Speed Acera derailleur with paddle shifters.
19.5 Kgs
Pedal Torque sensor
Tektro Hydraulic Disks, front and rear.
Aluminium double walled and reinforced, 13G spokes with Kenda Puncture resistant tyres, 700C

We wanted to produce a lightweight but powerful electric bike, that's comfortable to ride.  To achieve all of that some very special components came together to create Roller:

Roller's motor is a high torque Aikema producing over 50NM and is virtually silent with some very nicely engineered internal gearing that produces an amazing amount of power from such a small unit weighing just 2.1Kgs.

Roller's responsiveness is a result of specially tweaked software configured within a sinusoidal controller. 

The front LED light is powered from the main battery. Roller's rear light is self-powered, just in case the main battery gets all used up during the day.

Roller has a standard LED display to control the bike or an optional LCD Display, fully integrated with bike power functions and which has 5 levels of assistance, odometer and speed.

We've selected wide, comfortable handlebars which have our snazzy, quick adjust mechanism and are swept to provide a wide range of arm and wrist positions, quickly.

Roller's lightweight RST aluminium forks use a single shock absorber with 35mm travel and weigh just 1.4Kgs.